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The Shower

It was my first time at sleepaway camp and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the weird smell in the cabins, I didn’t like the gloppy food, and I didn’t like how the older kids bossed us younger kids around. I certainly didn’t like having to take all my bathroom things with me to a separate building outside for a shower. I didn’t like that sometimes there were weird creepy-crawlies coming at my exposed toes in the bathroom. I didn’t like the panic of being naked with a flimsy shower curtain giving you privacy from a bunch of other naked girls you didn’t know. Yeah, the shower was the worst part of camp. It really stressed me out.

The shower was also an ordeal because there was always such a long line. My fingers would cramp up from holding on to my towel and toiletries so tightly while I waited. I had no choice, though. The worst thing would have been if I dropped my stuff on the dirty, wet bathroom floor. Gross. This one time, the line seemed exceptionally long and it took forever to get to the front of the line. When I finally got there, I saw a stall at the very end with the shower curtain partially open. I walked up to it and, not wanting to hold the plastic for longer than I needed to, pulled it open fast and hard. To my shock, I saw a naked girl about my age inside. She was in the middle of shampooing her hair so her eyes were shut real tight. I was so mortified that I ran away, forgetting to pull the shower curtain back. As I dashed out of the bathroom, I heard her scream. I decided to skip my shower that day.

My Feet

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