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There's Dust

In the room where I'm writing there's dust. 100s of my husband's photography books and our CDs (we still have them, and vinyl albums and a turntable, too). 2 New York Times I haven't opened from the past two weeks, art supplies I haven't used in a long time. And there is my dachshund-corgi, a dorgi, chewing his minty bone with passion. Every once in a while he looks up to make sure I won't take it away.

We're surrounded by comfort, leisure, and reminders of good times, but the first thing I always see in this room is the dust. Our dead cells on the mantle, the floor, the TV screen, the wooden blinds. Sure, I could wipe it away. But I'm lazy. Not lazy about a lot of things, but always lazy about the dust. It reminds me of all that I should be doing, the things that normal, organized people do, that I don't do. Those dead cells remind me that I'm chemically unorganized and at the exact same time they remind me that it really doesn't matter. I'll be dust myself someday.


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