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Things with feathers, and without

Isn't all hope kind of wild? An idea that refuses to be tamed, enduring in the harshest of environments. How barren, how antiseptic is a place with out hope? Nothing can grow there.

Even the most mundane hopes have some wildness in them, a little defiance. I hope I'll get to this meeting on time, even though I left later than I should have. I hope my friend can get away from work early enough for happy hour. I hope Trader Joe's has finally restocked those olives I like. Little brown bird hopes, hopping on a lush green lawn.

There's a deer of hope, quiet and graceful, disappearing into leafy shadows, reappearing: a trip with my mom to places she's dreamed of seeing: St. Petersburg, Prague, Vienna.

And then the jaguar, all stealth and strength: two healthy children, named partly for their grandparents.

Boldly Going

It is not too late