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We are going to pick up my friend Tom at the Gold Line station.

Tom is getting older, but he is still a young soul. He has a strong smile and enjoys meeting new people. Tom is good at making people feel welcome, easygoing, and kind. He makes friends with all kinds of people. Tom has dark hair and will probably be wearing blue jeans.

I met Tom because we both showed up to take a walk around the Rose Bowl with a Facebook group to which we both belong. I was wearing a T-shirt from a craft beer brewery and we started talking about craft brewing. From comparing the tasting rooms we had visited we expanded to realize we were both participating in some of the same activities at two different churches.

We get together at least once a month at the Stone Brewing Store in Pasadena.

Tom has done a variety of things for work, and now test drives hydrogen-fueled cars all day.

Tom is a good listener who usually has a story to share in return.

Like me, Tom has become more reflective as he has gained life experience. I enjoy spending time with him and comparing our most recent adventures. He has strong political views which are pretty similar to mine.

I have not really spent time with Tom in a wide variety of situations, but feel he could adapt and be comfortable almost anywhere.

I think you’ll like him.