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Today started as so many do these days, I rolled over at 5 am to check my iPad for the morning's stories in the NYT and WaPo followed by a cruise through Facebook. Two hours later, I got up to make coffee, resolved to face another 4-alarm news day.

Yesterday, two stalwart Republican women senators made good on their pledge to protect their states' most vulnerable citizens and vote "no" on the "skinny" health care industry overhaul only to watch a male senator, who has said so many different things about his position on health care as to leave no clear sense of his true position, get credit for saving the day by joining them.

Then there was Scaramuchi. Jesus. I had no words. So I read what everyone else had to say and felt better, sort of.

Coffee cup in hand, I flipped through the actual paper version of the LA Times before headed to my office to take a phone conference call. I flipped through my Facebook feed for news while I listened to the call, answered emails and checked my apps for more news before heading out to a noon lunch.

By the time we were paying the bill, my phone was pinging away with news alerts. Reince Pribus is out of a job and a general is now running the White House staff. For the next hour I read those stories.

I poured myself a Diet Coke and thought I'd read my novel for a bit. But first, I took one last look at my news apps. It's Friday, so there shouldn't be more news, except Rachel Maddow has trained me to ignore that old adage. These days Washington drops news on Friday afternoons because they think no one is watching. So far, all small potatoes.

I can't watch the videos of Trump talking. Too disturbing. The rants are too raw, too disconnected from reality. I used to enjoy all of the food and wine postings of my friends from those worlds. But now I have no patience. I want news.

I open up the Texture app with 220 magazines and start scrolling through my favorites. Fresh stories! And to think I almost picked up my novel and read fiction!



Are almost, were almost