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"Truth Is Always Essential"

Since I was a little girl truth has always been an essential part of my value system. I was always the one the adults would come to for truth wherever we were in trouble. So as an adult it's really important to me to engage in honesty and truth. It's at the point now that it's hard to bear company with liars and people who fabricate reality. Because of this I too must live with truth and honesty. So I work real hard to listen and love people where they are in their truth. I thinks it's vital for everyone to have an authentic voice and a platform to express their values and wisdom. This would not be complete if I didn't express the other essential thing I have a value for - which is to listen and be heard. We live in a society where we don't listen to each other. Or we hear what we want and step over reality. To listen and hear what anyone says helps to create a bond and build trust I believe. I may have high standards and I may have a distorted perspective of things but as my Grandmother always said "The Truth Will Set You Free." My mantra is "Listen" to what people don't say to hear the truth."

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