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Two kinds of exhaustion

Various kinds of exhaustion feel different to me.

Physical exhaustion makes me feel tired. I do not want to take another step, just go to sleep. I often get physical exhausted because my mind will not let my body get any rest. I recognize I am tired and need to replenish my reserves, but my control panel will not allow my systems to stop working.

I have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night because my mind will not let my body relax. I may not have any new insight or ideas, but I am not able to rest.

Mental exhaustion usually feels like a longer term problem for me. I may become physically exhausted after a few days without rest. My mind tends to keep working even when I am physically exhausted.

It took me a long time to realize I could ever be mentally exhausted.

I depended on my analytical, thinking abilities to deal with life. Thinking seemed to be the way to do well in school, at home, at church, in life.

My coming to appreciate how mentally exhausted I had become was a significant factor in the major changes I have decided to make in my life.

Mental exhaustion takes longer for me to see, and it takes longer for me to become unexhausted. I have learned to rest and relax my mind regularly, which has made me happier and more satisfied.

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