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Wallpaper, Lots of it

It was the summer of 1985, I think and my family was redecorating our whole house. I was so excited to decorate my own room. These were the days when "country" decorating was hot, at least it was hot in central Ohio. I got to pick out my own blue and pink heart and floral wallpaper. This particular collection have 5-7 patterns that could all be mixed and matched, and I used all of them. Stripes with flowers on one wall, florals on the other, one wall with a chair wall with both, etc. It was like the love child of Laura Ashley and Anne of Green Gables in there. Let's not forget the most important part of country wall paper in the 1980s: the border. The more border the better. Border around the ceiling, border about the doors, creating chair rails with border. My pink heart wall paper border was where it was all.

Also as part of the redecorating I ungraded my second-hand French provincial canopy bed, which was just so second grade, to the white ideal daybed of only the coolest fourth graders. It had a high rising trundle bed that was perfect for all my sleep-overs.

The whole house had floral wall paper with border, border, border. My every cool, older sister, decorated her room in a modern yellow and gray scheme. It was just so cool, a childhood friend just mentioned to me on Facebook the night, how she remembers how sweet my sister's room was. She got to splurge on a punk patterned bed set from the Speigel catalog. She made a desk out prefab white cubes. I loved my decorating scheme, it was perfect for a fourth grader, but damn I wish I could have decorated my own room when I was 16 instead of 10, maybe my room could have been as cool as hers.

In My Room

My first room of my own