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What Is Sacred

I love the morning it's a time of peace for me. In fact before I get out of bed I've experience a journey of introspection. My natural alarm clock goes off and I'm on. My body may feel asleep but my mind is anchored in an alignment to a life force greater then myself. I feel, see, hear, and smell the tones of life moving. Before I open my eyes I enter into prayer with my whole being. I thank the universe for another moment of breath and life. I remove judgment from my mind to receive guidance. I open myself to surrender to the gifts and experience waiting for me as I face the dynamics of the day. I thank all my angels then proceed with the reality of my bodies mornings needs. My first morning habit turn on the faucet, hands and face in the water. Now I'm awake but present to something greater.

Monday Mourning Routine

Shaken Not Stirred