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Words and actions

We think of resolution as the end, the final answer, when it is actually the beginning.

People make New Year’s resolutions and legislative bodies pass resolutions because we are committed to making things happen. We are resolved, there is no more room for doubt or questions. This is where we are going and will do whatever we must to get there.

I have worked in conflict resolution, mediating the conflicts between people who have had crimes committed against them and those who committed those crimes. I have also helped train other mediators to resolve conflicts.

It would be comforting to believe conflict resolution brings things to a final conclusion. The resolution of a conflict, though, is more of a starting point than a conclusion.

In our society, resolutions may be when the talking is finished. We have discussed and argued, presented our ideas and asked our questions. People have had an opportunity to participate and to be heard, We hope we can reach a resolution which is acceptable to everyone.

The next step is turning our words into action. Whether a New Year’s or legislative resolution, or resolving a conflict between people, the key is how people behave once the talking has ended.

How we practice what we have resolved to do may be the foundation for future progress. It may also create the need for the next set of resolutions.

The resolution of our actions speak louder than our words.


The Grand Delusion