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Anxiety — A List of Dreams

A list of anxiety dreams:

1) Late for class.
2) Late for class, and there’s a test, and I haven’t studied..
3) Late for class, there’s a test for which I haven’t studied, and I forgot my pencil.
4) Late for class, and there’s a test I haven’t studied for and I am lost on campus.
5) Late for class, lost, haven’t studied, and I am suddenly naked.
6) All sorts of circumstances where I am suddenly naked.
7) Can’t move, can’t scream, can’t breathe . . . 
8) The wooden door to the house has turned to a screen door, and the black panther is on the other side, felt but not seen until it moves slightly . . . 
9) I am falling – down the steep wooden stairs toward the window on the landing. Falling . . .
10) I am at the top of a steep sand dune, and water seeps out from beneath me and the sand begins to slide, ever so slowly and I can’t climb up, and far far below is something unseen . . .

June cricket
suddenly still – petals fall
on night path

Kindergarten, Day 1