All in Outfit

I think my connection to my hat goes back to my softball days, when I would put on my cap and take the field. Once in position, I would steady my cleats on the red dirt, swing my glove and bend my knees, keeping my eye on the ball in the pitcher’s hand. I was playing shortstop, Nothing was getting by. 

We were doing all right that year it opened, apparently, because I remember carrying a huge pile of clothes into that chaotic dressing room where you had to wait for them to buzz you in, and coming out with outfits. Things that matched.

I splurged on a pair of pink light weight corduroy pants with legs that zipped off into short shorts at a trendy store on Madison Avenue called Paraphernalia. I thought these were a stroke a brilliance.

The Doc Martin’s cost me though, $119, all my Christmas money and some I had saved. I bought a size too large because I couldn’t wait for the store to order another pair and for another chance to catch the hour-long drive into town.