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If we can get speeding tickets, why not lying tickets? Police would employ enforcement so that “I’m doing great today, thanks” on a record horrible day ranks with a mile over the speed limit and thus not really a violation. But just as going 100mph in a 30mph zone exacts a cost, so should spewing “alternate facts” as truth. Propagating misinformation ought be cited! Those in violation would have to attend classes on research, discernment, and critical thinking, as well as be sentenced to up to 15 years of fact check politicians’ speeches.

As a rule breaker and speeder, I understand the push to re-calibrate or redefine boundaries when something doesn’t seem to make sense or is committed for a larger good or maybe just bigger picture. And I felt genuine guilt when my husband’s car was towed after he followed my parking suggestion. But now in this post-truth world under the current administration, the rebel streak tint and trespass highlights I feel describe me look tame next to the President’s flaming orange combover.

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