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Hay Bailer with a Hug

When you “meet” someone online, swap email addresses, and text chat, you may be wooed by his words, fall for his phrasing. Exhibit A: VernalEquiknox. Vernal winked at me. I clicked on his profile and cracked up. I mean the man wanted a woman who owned a hay bailer. I accepted his wink and raised him an email. There he wrote things like “I like documentaries”, “My one and only fight at work was over crape myrtles” and “I’m good with difficult horses. I have five.” 

Still I was hesitant. To prove a point about online impressions to my class, I’d been a 102 year old man for a few days. 

Also there was the matter of his picture. Nothing bad or wrong. He didn’t remind me of The Beast. He wasn’t in front of his red corvette or sitting on his bed. And he had his shirt on. But he just didn’t look like my type. Truth be told, he reminded me of a mouse. So we stayed email friends and that was it, which wasn’t difficult because we lived 120 miles apart. 

Months passed. His prowess with words did not wane. We even spoke on occasion.

Then work threw us in the same zip code and we agreed to meet for coffee. 

“It’s not a date,” I said to my videographer. “He doesn’t think it’s a date?”

“He thinks it’s a date.”

And then I saw him. We hugged. And I married him. The hay bailer was optional.

Sometimes to really be impressed, you have to wrap your arms around someone and inhale.