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Hit Me Up

Why fear success? Maybe because having promise seems sweeter, wider in possibility. Success means choosing, narrowing to one path. Promise and possibility seem so much richer and offers more to more people. I, for one, am a sucker for possibility. I love looking at all the new writer-ups for restaurants. I read reviews, comb menus, savor the promise of something new, different, yummy. “Oh, I want to go there,” I say, “they have vegetarian options and fish and look at that dessert menu. And the décor is nice. We could sit for days on that patio.” But when it’s time to go, maybe I just want the comfort of a place I know. Or maybe I want to eat at the place I know and think about how great it will be when I go to the new place. Anticipation. Hit me up. I’m hooked on you. And there’s part of me that knows that the new place won’t be everything. It can’t be everything, but I don’t want to let go of the possibility to that it could be everything to everybody or at least to me. Even the old-stand by, the restaurant that I love for just one dish and have wear a jacket because the air is always on too much, isn’t everything. Maybe I’m just scared I won’t love the new place enough to go back for even just one thing. That I need to be sure that I catch it on the right day and when I’m in the right mood because I want it to be my new favorite. Promise. Maybe it’s too easy to like it for what it might be, not its fulfillment.


Because I promised