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I don’t remember the exact date when my knees began to betray me. I remember when I learned the reason why. I was on a table in a villa in Lucca Italy. It was my first reiki session. My left knee had become my nemesis. My eyes were closed and I felt the heat from the hands scanning my body. I did not know or speak to the woman practicing her magic. She stopped at my left knee and proclaimed, “You do too much. You are Atlas holding up the world. Your base is cracking.” I began to cry. I do everything in my life at the expense of my own self-fulfillment. After that day, I stopped. I began doing less and accomplishing more. I was determined to cure my crumbling base without traditional medical intervention. I went to Pilates twice a week. I visited my incredible pain management yoga teacher who guided me on my path to wellness. However a year later my right knee betrayed me. I had osteoarthritis. Thank you, Mommy. It came upon me without warning. I finally relented and went to a doctor to receive a cortisone shot to alleviate the swelling and the pain. In my hunt for a cure, I discovered beef bone broth. In five days my knee was practically better. No small miracle. I continued to do Pilates twice a week and with baby steps was able to spin and take long walks. You don’t want to hear the hell I went through fighting the insurance company to get a hyaluronic acid shot. My condition lasted 3 more unnecessary months until I received this injection that padded the shrinking space between my knee bones,. Getting older is not fun for some but for me it is a lesson, a challenge and in some ways a miracle. A year later I am absolutely fine. I can walk for miles, spin three times a week, do yoga without a problem. My bodily betrayal has become a lesson that you can repair yourself in body and in soul. I try to do less and accomplish more. My knees no longer buckle as my world becomes lighter.


Lines in Time