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Apparently several days had passed and I had forgotten to nurse my baby, so that my milk was drying up. I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten, and that it might be too late to breastfeed again. 

I actually don’t think dreams are significant in the way many people do—the Freudian sort of psycho analysis. I think dreams are the way our brains sort through information while we sleep and, being the narrative animals that we are, create a story that we sometimes remember. In my case my daughter-in-law was about to start nursing her new baby and several of her friends were doing the same, so it was like walking down memory lane thinking back 25 years to nursing my son .After three babies, I was too busy to think of that stage as a final chapter. Grief often takes us by surprise. I realize just how sweet that time period was and miss

Anxiety — A List of Dreams