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Give me another few days. By then, I should be able to introduce you because by then I should have dealt with the garbage that’s piled up between us since she very publicly announced her support of Trump. To let a single politician bruise a friendship that began as next door neighbors for nearly a decade and forged through 3 decades of trials, including raising 6 children, a couple relocations and jobs, one divorce, three bottles of sleeping pills, two domestic incident filings, unplanned pregnancies, rough draft after rough draft, aviophobia, hodophobia, Asperger’s syndrome, wrongful death charges, ICU, car wrecks with shattered bones and broken neck, graduate school, bucket after bucket of paint, and multiple grandchildren speaks to my hypocrisy of being liberal, open, accepting, and tolerant. I want to understand why. I’m trying. But supporting a man whose actions fly in the face of everything my friend and I have survived and endured, confounds me in a way I can’t seem to reconcile. When she called last week, I watched her name blink on my phone, took a deep breath and intended to answer. Instead my finger hit Decllne not Accept. What Would I say? I texted that I was fighting against a deadline and we would have lunch in a few weeks. Two weeks have now passed. I’ve got a few days left. And I’m still working on it.

The Apocalypse

Wishing' and Hopin'