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They are my War and Peace scars. The “best of/worst of” marks on my body. I hate them, go to great pains to hide them, but wouldn’t trade my stretch marks for the world because they were part of my pregnancies. 

I went to bed one night with a glass-smooth stomach, concave and slick from morning sickness and vitamin e oil and woke up with a pooch trimmed in silvery purple streaks. Days passed but they did not disappear. In fact they began to resemble a Vacation bible school string art project. My OBGYN just shrugged. All a part of it, he said. So I focused on gratitude for being able to keep food down and before I knew it I had a baby and then it was spring and the lake was calling my husband. Without thinking, I slipped into my favorite swimsuit. And there they were. Sort of like morning breath— anaerobic bacteria only smell when you open your mouth. The stretch marks weren’t hideous while under wraps. But now out in the open—Oh MY!

“God, What happened?” My husband may have said.

I did not divorce him, then.

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