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“You land at what time?” my son asked.
I repeated, “1:15am.”
“In the morning?”
“That’s what a.m. means last time I checked.”
The visit was pretty much his present but I would cook him a birthday dinner. 

I think my connection to my hat goes back to my softball days, when I would put on my cap and take the field. Once in position, I would steady my cleats on the red dirt, swing my glove and bend my knees, keeping my eye on the ball in the pitcher’s hand. I was playing shortstop, Nothing was getting by. 

I am 6 and do not realize how sick I am until Bigmama begins praying over me. I don’t know if I was more scared of being so sick that she had to contact God or of the sounds coming from her mouth. It would be a while before I learned about keening and speaking in tongues.