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Thinking About Unfairness Has Gotten Me Nowhere

Unfair. Unjust. Unhappy. Untenable. Impossible to bear. Unfair. The aggressions, macro and micro. Unfair. The thumb on the scale. Unfair. The "you have what I deserve." Unfair. Unfair. Unfair. 

Unfair. The gap between "deserve" and "am." Unfair. The surface that's all you see. Unfair. The endless downward spiral. Unfair. The official history. Unfair. The pickets vs. scabs who need the paycheck. Unfair. This condo on skid row. Unfair. The hungry ghosts and gluttons. Unfair. The dead-end of unfair. 

Unfair. End of discussion. Unfair. The heart that's hollowed out. Unfair. The misappropriation. Unfair. The skeptics and their doubt. Just call them liars. Unfair. The frackers, autocrats, polluters. Unfair. That racist, sexist breed. Unfair. The pain that's seed and tree. Unfair. The serial abuser. Unfair. The poisoned history.

Unfair. My lost belief in fairness. Unfair. I want it anyway. Unfair. We all know it when we see it. Unfair. Who the hell ever asked me? Unfair. Unjust. Underwater. Absolutely deniable. Just stop it. So fucking, bloody unfair.

Wishing' and Hopin'

Not Fair!