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Wishing' and Hopin'

If the genie popped out of Aladdin’s lamp and asked for my wish, I would have one answer – to live a long and healthy life. I could not imagine having to ask for anything more. Of course there are other things I wish for in the back of my mind. I wish my son would fall in love with a wonderful woman and have three children, two girls and a boy. I guess given the license to wish and hope, I have a few outrageous wishes but no desperate hopes because in truth I am pretty happy. I tend to focus on action rather than wishes and hopes. I wish I had a house on the beach so I could watch the sunset over the ocean every evening and dip my toes in the surf before breakfast. I wish I had a private chef to prepare delicious healthy meals for me and clean up the kitchen afterwards. I am not one of these people like my husband who would prefer a private jet to a horse. I wish I had another Norfolk Terrier just like Dudley who passed away over three years ago. I wish I could spend a month in Ireland and return to Ashford Castle for a longer stay. One of my strange wishes is to spend a day picking crops with migrant workers. I know it is back breaking work but I think it would be interesting to spend a day in someone else’s shoes. I wish I could have a peaceful visit with my sisters as our get togethers always result in drama and petty bickering. I wish my horrible next-door neighbor would disappear or move away. I wish it would rain so my garden could flourish. I really hope is does because next summer if the water restrictions are reinstated my yard will be a dust pile. I wish my niece and her children lived closer to me so I could watch them grow up. I fear they will not have the same connection as I did to my great aunts and uncles. Dusty Springfield had a song called Wishin’ and Hopin’ which espoused the futility of “wishin and hopin,’ and thinkin’ and prayin.” On some level, wishing and hoping is a waste of time. If you have an unfulfilled dream, put it in a sealed envelope and mail it to your heart, a seed for the future. To me, good health is the most important thing to hope for. You can’t buy it but you can take steps to insure a healthy future. My mother used to say health is wealth. I forgot about that one when I wrote the advice prompt. Very true. I hope everyone I love gets to have their dreams come true and be able to say it is everything I hoped for and more.


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